PBL Taken Further: 5 Ps to Get your Students Around it on International Trips

  Hello, folks! First of all, I'd like to apologize for not writing for some time. I've been quite busy and involved in many projects. But I'm back and I have great news, which will be duly announced soon. One of the main reasons why I've been absent is the wonderful Goiás Without Borders program … Continue reading PBL Taken Further: 5 Ps to Get your Students Around it on International Trips


André Hedlund: How teachers can inspire and be inspired by teaching

I’m so proud that Teaching in Spain Blog invited me to write as a guest for them. I hope my text can inspire teachers around the world!

Teaching in Spain: An Englishman and a Greek

Guest blogging for us is André Hedlund with his inspirational story about teaching in Brazil and why being a teacher is so important.


My name is André Hedlund and I’m a teacher. But I’m not just a teacher. I’m an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher in the country that currently holds the 63rd position in science skills, 59th in reading, and 66th in mathematics according to OECD’s PISA survey. These numbers would alone be bad, considering that there are almost 200 sovereign nations in the world, however, they’re even more disastrous when we realize that only 70 nations were assessed. I live in Brazil and I am certainly not proud of my country’s current educational status. Now, if you are reading this, after you finish, take a few moments to check where your country stands and answer yourself the following question: “Am I proud…

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